When determining whether or not a Mass Gathering Permit is needed, you need to ask yourself these THREE questions. If you can answer YES to any of them, then a MASS GATHERING PERMIT is legally needed.

  • Is the event/gathering temporary with an estimated attendance of 600 or more people attending it outside and simultaneously?
  • Will the event/gathering cause a street, public way, road, highway, boulevard, parkway, lane, alley, service road, viaduct, bridge, sidewalk, or other public rights-of-way to be temporarily closed or inaccessible?
  • Are you responsible for the operation of an event/gathering or are you the property owner of such as stated in the above criteria?

The following LEGISLATION speaks as to the legality of the permits. If a permit is necessary, please pay particular attention to the form as you fill it out. Be sure to read the information in the links where indicated.

Please print or save the form so you will have a copy of it.

The name of the event
Please access the document about Permission of Temporary Food Service Establishments by clicking on it.